Bring Breathwork Into Your Workplace

The workplace has changed...

Employees are working from home, switching from one Zoom meeting to another, anxious about getting laid off and worried that they don't get to spend meaninful moments with their family and friends like before...

Result? Employee burnout, lack of productivity and low morale...

Companies such as Nike, Apple, Google, Ford Motor, General Mills, and Goldman Sachs now offer mindfulness programs to their employees..

And while these programs are helpful to a certain extent, these programs are not able to address the immediate and urgent needs of the post covid world effectively...

How can employees dramatically reduce stress, improve well being and feel genuinely happy within a few minutes?...

The answer is Breathwork.

Breathwork is a powerful ancient practice by itself...

But when it is blended with modern technology, breathing-in-beats and guided imagery, it has the ability change a person's life and the trajectory of an organization. 

Why Corporate Breathwork?


Especially because of the impact of the pandemic, employess all across North America are dealing with stress, burnout, anxiety and other mental health difficulties in silence...

With the advent of technologies that allow employees to work-from-home, the constant notifications, email reminders, calender deadlines, back-to-back Zoom meetings and the absence of in-person human connection has led to situations of daily chronic stress...

Let's face it - We all have emotional baggage and it affects every aspect of our lives!

If nothing is done to release some of that pressure and relax the nervous system, what results is: increased absenteeism and attrition, higher healthcare costs, lower productivity, low morale and unhappy employees..

The Case For Breathwork

Breathwork is the ultimate tool to help your employees reduce stress and calm their nervous system within minutes...

This will not only make them feel better, but will also help create a bond that will encourage people to want to do better and work more cohesively as a team.

Want your organization to have a competitive edge? 

Just imagine what your employees can do with more energy, more creativity, sharper focus and clearer thinking!

Most importantly - your employees will feel more happier and fulfilled in their lives. Isn't that amazing?...

Besides: Just imagine the tens of thousands of dollars that will be saved in health care costs..

Bring Breathwork to your workplace is truly a win-win...because everyone benefits from a regular practice of Breathwork.

Not just any Breathwork modality...

SOMA Breath, the modality that Aditya specializes in, is a sequence of ancient pranayama breathwork techniques combined with euphoric brainwave music and guided inner sensing that awakens you to your full human potential.

The combination of all these elements takes you to a place where the real magic happens. Awaken dormant powers of the mind, boost your energy production and strengthen your immune system for improved resilience and vitality.

This unique experience can be that key to get your employees back on track, improve their wellbeing, enhance productivity and give your company a competitive edge.

The best part?  – These sessions are conducted over Zoom, so anyone with an internet connection, a laptop and a pair of headphones can attend! 

Here are some interesting statistics!

In 2016, Fidelity Investments reported that 22% of employers offered mindfulness training programs

Deloitte analysis finds a median return on investment of $1.62 for every $1 spent on mental wellness

Unsupported mental health conditions result in clear losses to productivity, engagement and retention, all of which cost U.S. businesses $16.8 billion annually. 

67% favor employee assistance programs (EAP) — though Wellable notes that these programs might not be delivering the results companies expect

A 2019 survey by Mental Health America found that 66% of workers reported that workplace issues negatively affect their sleep. 

What's The Process?

Step 1: Discovery

This is an open, exploration to learn more about your organization, your employees and their needs...

We try to understand: What are your organizations wellness goals? What are your employees' needs? What are some of the emotions or feelings that are holding them back? What have you tried so far - what has worked / what hasn't? What does the ideal situation for your organization look like?

Step 2: The Expereince

Once we get to know your organization's unique needs and goals, we will design a 30-45 minute demonstration session.

The goal of this session is give you a taste of this 'Breathe medicine' and offer you a glimpse into the potential of offering the gift of a regular Breathwork practice. 

Step 3: The Plan

Once your team has experienced our intitial session, we collect feedback and put together a tailored program for your team. Through a regular weekly practice and constant feedback, we will provide your team members with the tools, the mindset and the emotional support, resulting in reduced stress, improved wellbeing, greater connection, enhanced productivity and happier employees!

About Aditya Jaykumar (AJ) 

Aditya is also a certified SOMA  and Life Awareness Breath instructor who combines ancient breathing techniques with modern music technology to help people get into a deep state of blissful meditation easily and effortlessly.  

By guiding people through a sequence of movements, breathing rhythms and visualizations, Aditya helps his clients reduce anxiety, melt away stress and experience more balance & clarity in life..

Aditya's uniqueness lies in his approach...

His relaxing, soothing voice energetically puts people's minds at ease in minutes. As a healer, he has developed the ability to hold space for people and allow them to truly be themsleves....

This allows his attendees to let go of stress, fear, negativity, and overwhelm, replacing those emotions with calm, bliss and peace of mind.

As opposed to many Breathwork instructors that tend to have a one-sized fits all approach to Breathwork, Aditya has a very nuanced, personalized approach that assesses the uniqueness of every group and allows the participants to feel seen and heard.

Where he excels most is in his ability to create beautiful guided meditative journeys that when sychronized with beautiful brainwave music and breathing-in-beats leads to transformational results.

Aditya Jaykumar is also the host of the My Seven Chakras podcast where he chats with Yoga teachers, mystics, healers, visionaries and shamans about ancient wisdom for the modern mind.

Till date, the show has garnered over 5.3 million downloads with listeners in over 150 countries. The show is consistently ranked among the top 50 alternative health podcasts on iTunes USA and Canada.

“This technique made me relax in 5 breaths. I was stressed out after an argument with my husband and this thing really let me relax!” 


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